Tee Geee (Bee Ess Cee) describes himself as a ‘Retired Old Bloke with an iPad’.

Coming late to professional composing and producing his own music, he found a love for his artistry through accidentally tapping on the ‘GarageBand’ app on his new iPad. He quickly got to grips with at least some of the capabilities and particularly savoured the ability to be composing songs whilst relaxing on the sofa enjoying a cup of coffee!

He was a member of the remarkably niche (some may even say ‘obscure’ or ‘unknown’) electronic band The Integers whilst at university back in 1823. No, wait! He’s not that old. 1977. (Ok – still pretty old.)

Tee Geee’s first single Runaway Delivery is inspired by the revised protocol of delivery drivers since the first lockdown in the UK.

His follow-up single ‘Get Up’ presents a more relaxed atmosphere inspired by his daily ritual of getting out of bed – composing a piano part and adding various backing samples available in GarageBand which seems to epitomise that very concept!

Check out Tee Gee’s tracks below, or find him on Spotify!